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Feb 17, 2013 5:00am PST
to china and other places in the world, and it's canadian oil, so i -- i real -- you know, even the state department, which formally was kind of boosting this project, has said that at most it's going to produce about 150 jobs. and it's going to destroy ultimately many more jobs than that. you know, the first pipeline they built leaked 12 times in 12 months. the next pipeline they built had the biggest leak in american history when it crossed the kalamazoo river in 2010, and they are still cleaning it up. this is the most likely oil to leak out of a pipeline because it's very corrosive, and once it leaks, we don't know how to clean it up. >> so many people are passionate about this, including your soon who was arrested with you, your son connor, and you said he's getting more attention than you are. >> yeah. i believe he is, yeah. but connor -- for connor there's a very personal issue. he was born with asthma, and he -- and his -- the kind of asthma he has is particularly -- is triggered by ozone and particulates in the atmosphere. the ozone and particulates are coming mainly from power p
Feb 23, 2013 5:00am PST
back cyber security would mean more vulnerability to attacks from hackers in china and at home, threatening our infrastructure. furloughs and layoffs would affect 800,000 workers in the defense industry at the same time iran is testing a nuclear bomb. fewer tax reviewers. 100,000 people would be thrown out of emergency housing and out on to the streets. one way or another, everyone will feel this while washington continue continues to play the blame game. >> republicans have proposed devastating cuts. >> washington and democrats have gotten used to republicans bailing them out of their own lack of responsibility. >> reporter: ali velshi, cnn, new york. >>> apparently, social media is about more than what you're saying, doing or thinking right now. you can also send the same types of messages after you've passed, after you've died. companies are popping up now that will manage your accounts after you go. so you can say hello, happy birthday or happy anniversary from the grave. more than just a little bit creepy. >>> did you ever wonder what it's like to work at cnn for anderson
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)